China: Blockchain Superpower?

China is pushing ahead on blockchain. In October 2019, Xi Jinping publicly endorsed blockchain, calling on China to seize the moment and become a world leader in the technology. Local governments have rushed to follow his lead, and the Blockchain Services Network has expanded China’s global reach in blockchain. Where do Chinese companies stand in terms of blockchain innovation? How is the government supporting them? Will China’s approach to technology dominate the global industry?

HealthTech After COVID19

In the socially distant world, many of us are trying online medical services for the first time. But healthcare innovators have been building these services for years. What are the opportunities for investors as e-health takes off? And will it improve health care for patients?

EV: What’s Next as The Industry Recovers

It’s been a dramatic year in electric vehicles. Sales plunged after the government ended a subsidies policy that had fuelled the industry’s growth—and then took a second beating from Covid-19. But the second half of the year has seen a reversal as EV majors are creeping toward profits, and even enjoying successful stock listings. Is the worst over? Where is the industry going in the year ahead?

Does Live-Streaming Growth Have a Ceiling?

From low-budget, grassroots origins, live-streaming has become the biggest entertainment and marketing story of 2020, closely intertwined with e-commerce, short videos, and gaming. How has the boom changed China’s retail and supply chain networks? Are Covid windfall users turning into permanent fans? And is there brand value in live-streaming, or is it just about sales?

FoodTech: How Technology is Shaping Our Appetite

Plant-based proteins are not all new to Asians, who have been eating meat-like plant proteins for millennia. Today, as Silicon Valley investors are applying technology in a bid to disrupt the food industry, Asians, China is taking a new look at food businesses. What is the role of technology on our plates? What’s beyond Beyond Meat, and how will it shape our evolving appetites?

What is EMERGE?


EMERGE is TechNode’s annual flagship tech conference. Emerge 2019 was a great success; Emerge 2020, here we come again. Like the name says, Emerge is about emerging trends that are shaping tech. It’s meant to be forward-looking, not retrospective, and to speak at a high level about deep themes.

We empower entrepreneurs, professionals, and key decision makers to better understand the forces shaping China tech through expert analysis and insight. Our online content already makes us a leader in this space and now it's time to bring it offline. Through deep and meaningful conversations with experts and experienced professionals, EMERGE delivers unbiased and clear-eyed information, insight, and analysis.

This year’s EMERGE is going to be held in conjunction with the Pujiang Innovation Forum on October 29, 2020, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.


Oct 29, 2020 | Shanghai Exhibition Center | #EMERGE2020

9:30-9:45AM Opening
Dr. Gang Lu, CEO and founder of TechNode
9:45-10:30AM Keynote Panel: Is the world still open to China tech?

  • Moderator: Gang Lu, CEO and founder of TechNode
  • Kiran Patel, Senior Director at China-Britain Business Council
  • William Bao Bean, General Partner, SOSV; Managing Director, Chinaccelerator, MOX
10:30-11:15AM HealthTech after COVID19

  • Moderator: David Cohen, TechNode
  • Linda Li, Managing Director & Co-founding Partner at Vickers Venture Partners
  • Mark Zhang, Partner at King & Wood Mallesons
11:15-11:45AM InnoSpace Awards Ceremony
11:45AM-12:30PM Foodtech: How Technology is Shaping Our Appetite

  • Moderator: Elina Cao, TechNode
  • Dee Zheng, Principal at BitxBites
  • Sam Lee, Projects & Operations Manager, Analytical Flavor Systems
  • Gary Zhang, Regional Marketing Head at JUST Egg
12:30-2PM Lunch Break
2-2:45PM China: Blockchain superpower?

  • Moderator: Eliza Gkritski, TechNode
  • Prof. Michael Sung, Co-Director of the Fudan Fanhai Fintech Research Center; Chairman, CarbonBlue Innovations
  • Harriet Cao, Co-founder of Bianjie
  • Matthew Graham, Founder of Sino Global Capital
2:45-3:30PM Electric Vehicles: What’s Next as The Industry Recovers

  • Moderator: Daniel Kollar, Head of Automotive and Mobility Practice at Intralink
  • Tu Le, Founder and Managing Director, Sino Auto Insight
  • Stephen Dyer, Managing Director at AlixPartners
3:30-4:15PM Does Live-Streaming Growth have a Ceiling?

  • Moderator: Michael Norris, Strategy and Research Manager at AgencyChina
  • Pablo Mauron, Partner and Managing Director of DLG
  • Maggie Fu, KOL & Co-founder of Melilim Fu

Oct 29, 2020 | Shanghai Exhibition Center | #EMERGE2020

11AM-12PM Workshop A: Defi Crash Course

Matthew Graham, Founder of Sino Global Capital
Dermot McGrath, Director of Research at Sino Global Capital

Decentralized finance is the latest craze. Its promises of an alternative to financial institutions have attracted major attention from Chinese investors. But Ponzi schemes and sudden token crashes have thrown the industry into turmoil, reminiscent of the early days of crypto. This workshop will cover the basics and history of Defi, and discuss its future and how investors can avoid traps.

1-2PM Workshop B: China’s Emerging Privacy and Security Framework: Risks to Business

Instructor: Carly Ramsey, Director at Control Risks

Chinese regulation on data security and privacy for tech companies is continuously evolving. How can businesses prepare?

3-4PM Workshop C: Coding…by Le Wagon

Instructor: Le Wagon


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Shanghai Exhibition Center 上海展览中心1000 Yan'an Middle Rd, Jing'an District, China



"Science and technology is the foundation for prosperity of a country, while innovation is the spirit for progress of a nation."

The Pujiang Innovation Forum was founded by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in 2008.For more than ten years, the forum is committed to connecting with innovation forces across the world, attracting thousands of politicians, academicians and business elites from the world to conduct in-depth discussions on hot contemporary issues.With the continuous expansion of its social influence, the forum has not only attracted attention from domestic media, but also overseas media, including CCTV, BBC, and Global Times. Throughout the years, the forum has become an engine to drive the innovation cooperation between China and the world.